Can Kanban be introduced to someone’s everyday life? Could we really use this method in our homes and beyond? A Kanban board in the kitchen perhaps? How would our life change if we adopted Kanban as a lifestyle?


In Kanban, Do we Estimate or not? is a question. But before we answer should we estimate or not let's first talk why estimate irrespective of Scrum or Kanban.

The evolution of professional services thinking.

Every trained Rugby Coach has a personal philosophy about how they coach. Most Kanban or Agile coaches I've met don't. This post is why I think we should all have one, and keep updating it as we learn. 

In this first post in the series, I look at the psychology and impact of traditional large scale managed change initiatives and how evolutionary change differs. We'll see that organizational maturity and executive tolerance plays a big part in the success or lack thereof in traditional change management. As a consequence, evolutionary change is more likely to succeed with lower maturity organizations.

Eliyahu M. Goldratt states in his book Theory of Constraints, “Anybody who thinks we can overcome an emotional resistance with logic was probably never married. We can only overcome emotion with a stronger emotion.” What if there is a huge resistance in your organization against Agility? Are you going to force Agile methodologies? According to Eliyahu Goldratt, you should first fix the emotional layer then move to the logical layer. If you try to force Agile methodologies because of its popularity without proper implementation strategy then you will most likely fail. Kanban and Scrum are just mechanics. We should go to a deeper level and try to apply quality philosophy, continued learning and kaizen, etc. Total healing should start from the top level of management.

We are happy to introduce a new format of conferences. Join us for The Enterprise Services Planning Management Summit on September 28 in London.

Lean Kanban University is introducing a new entry level Kanban class for Team Kanban together with a certification and professional credential, TKP, Team Kanban Practitioner. This new class becomes the entry level on the "alternative path to agility" and reflects the market reality that most Kanban starts shallow and at the team level.

The Kanban Method was conceived as an alternative path to agility - as a means to improve responsiveness and adaptability without any significant revolution or reorganization in your way or working or political structure of your business. Lean Kanban University has recently introduce a series of training classes developed and evolved from older, tried and tested curriculum to ease adoption of Kanban and communicate the full scope and scale of what is possible when you fully embrace Kanban as a way to manage your modern professional services business.

In order to distinguish a normal cell from cancer cell. Physician monitor efficiency of the cells. One normal cell can transform 1 molecule of glucose in 32 ATP, but a cancer cell can only transform 2 ATP from 1 glucose. Huge difference. That difference can be observed by magnetic resonance imaging process [1]. Inefficiency or waste can be the symptoms of big systematic problems